There can be great wealth in doing the right thing.

Our vision

We believe it is possible to make huge, positive changes in the lives of all living beings.

We believe we can profit in the process.

Purpose-driven. Curious. Ethical.

What we do

Treadlight Ventures is a builder of new companies, dedicated to profit through socially-responsible and sustainable businesses.

  • Investor

    If an entrepreneur is already on the path to something wonderful, we want to support that. We want to help them succeed. We are focused on bringing great ideas to market, whether our own or someone else’s.

  • Venture Builder

    In that vein, we are also a “venture builder,” developing our own ideas internally and bringing them to market.

Why we do it

Unmet needs

Climate change & drought, animal suffering, and childhood obesity are among the many struggles in our world today.  When addressed, these problems are often tackled through the non-profit sector; however, we believe that it is possible to build profitable, relevant, socially-responsible businesses.


There is an increased awareness of the global issues we face.  As an example, the rise of vegan (plant-based) diets and lifestyles continue to claim a larger and larger share of the over $5.5 TRILLION we spend on food and fashion each year.

We can fix this

Our primary focus areas are alleviating animal suffering and reducing environmental impacts.  We believe in accelerating the pace of change in the world around us, creating larger markets – and greater profits – in the process.

Together we can change the world.